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REMARK: Due to the closing of the University until at least the 10th of April 2020, appointments will only be possible via Google Hangouts. I am able to chat, call or videocall with you via Google Hangouts - you can find this feature on the left side of your RUG Gmail!

My name is Nick Nieuwenhuijsen, Study Advisor of the Honours College and coordinator of the Honours Programme of Philosophy.

Below you will find the available time slots to make an appointment. My consultation hours for students take place on Thursday (2-5 pm/14-17u) and on Friday (1-5 pm/13-17u).

Please take into consideration that appointments are meant for more elaborate questions concerning your Honours track (unforeseen or foreseen delay, planning issues, personal problems etc.) and that simpler questions can be mailed to A lot of information is also available in the Student Portal, so please consult this source of information first if you have questions. It is of course also possible that a question in the mail leads to me suggesting a meeting.

Finally, be as elaborate as possible in the description of the appointment that you make so I can prepare the meeting and keep in mind that each meeting can be max. 25-30 minutes. You can find me in the Honours College office, room 1111.0218, to be found in the tower (‘het torentje’) of the Academia Building.

NB. If you are not a student (yet), but you do want to make an appointment, please call the Honours College office for Student Affairs, tel. 050 363 9370.

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